NOLA Craniofacial is pleased to offer the EarWell™ Infant Ear Correction System for families in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast.

Each year, millions of babies are born with misshapen ears. Fortunately, the Earwell system now offers a painless, non-invasive treatment that can eliminate the need for surgery to correct ear deformities.

All babies are beautiful, but children can be cruel. They tease each other mercilessly, often targeting differences and deformities. As a result, these children are more likely to suffer low self-esteem, anxiety, social isolation and emotional withdrawal.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Indeed, it no longer makes sense to “wait and hope” that ear deformities will correct themselves (they most often don’t). If you have any concern regarding the shape of your child’s ear, contact us to set up a free consultation, because the clock is ticking…

An Opportunity to Correct Misshapen Ears

In the first six weeks postpartum, your new born baby will retain some of its mother’s hormones. Specifically, the presence of estrogen in an infant’s bloodstream means that its cartilage—including the pinna, or outer ear—remains extremely malleable.

Dr. Gerhard “Sol” Mundinger views this as a critical window of opportunity for children born with misshapen ears.

“The Earwell system is an opportunity for early intervention, allowing our young patients with cosmetic differences, including microtia, to avoid surgery or—at the very least—make eventual surgery less complicated.”

How Common Is Infant Ear Deformity?

Congenital ear deformities in newborns are fairly common, actually, but most abnormalities are cosmetic and minor (as opposed to those which impact ear function).

As with our personalities, we are who we are… and some of these irregularities may self-correct over time. With that said, it is always preferable to have your child examined by a health care professional—especially in those first weeks when we have a chance at non-surgical intervention.

Ultimately, children with more dramatically underdeveloped outer ears (microtia), or outer ears that are absent entirely (anotia), may require surgical reconstruction. At NOLA Craniofacial, our doctors perform an advanced reconstructive procedure, constructing an outer ear from the child’s own tissue.

But for more minor “irregularities,” EarWell is a safe, non-surgical—and permanent—solution.

What Is EarWell and How Does it Work?

Many common ear deformities can be successfully treated with the EarWell Infant Ear Correction System, which is:

  • Painless
  • Non-surgical
  • Noninvasive

If therapy via the EarWell system makes sense for your child, Dr. Sol Mundinger will fit a plastic conforming device that cradles the infant’s ear. Your child will need to wear the device 24 hours a day for 4 to 6 weeks, and weekly visits are required for monitoring.

“The protective covering isn’t burdensome at all,” Dr. Mundinger says. “Babies sleep with it just fine, hygiene is not an issue—it is okay to get the device wet, and parents can easily remove the protective outer covering for family photos.”

The EarWell system is covered by most insurance companies, and the results are superb. “We’ve been very pleased,” Dr. Mundinger concludes. “After a month or so, in most cases the child will have a more normally-shaped, perfectly adorable ear.”

Download the EarWell™ Patient Brochure