My Child Has a Cleft Lip — What next?

No parent wants to learn that their child is going to be born with special challenges, but it is important to know that we have specialized teams in place here in New Orleans to help meet those challenges for families in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. Learn more below about NOLACraniofacial and infant surgical procedures to address cleft lip and palate.

Cleft Lip Resources

What is Cleft Lip?

Cleft Lip Timeline: What To Expect

Cleft Lip Surgery Instructions: Before & After .pdf


Cleft Lip and Palate Resources

What is Cleft Palate?

Cleft Lip & Palate Timeline: What to Expect

Cleft Palate Surgery Instructions: Before & After .pdf


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One of the most critical aspects of ensuring your child’s health and happiness through a diagnosis of cleft lip and palate is qualified, experienced team care. Reach out to our team today with your questions and concerns about your child’s cleft lip and palate diagnosis:

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