With the range of advanced techniques and technologies available today, cosmetic abnormalities are easily addressed by a skilled plastic surgeon. NOLA Craniofacial now offers the EarWell™ Infant Ear Correction System for babies born with minor cosmetic abnormalities, as well as treatment for microtia and other ear deformities that may affect your child’s hearing.

How Common Is Infant Ear Deformity?

Congenital ear deformities in newborns are fairly common. Most abnormalities are cosmetic and minor (as opposed to those which impact ear function).

As with our personalities, we are who we are… and some of these irregularities may self-correct over time. With that said, it is always preferable to have your child examined by a health care professional—especially in those first weeks when we have a chance at non-surgical intervention.

Ultimately, children with more dramatically underdeveloped outer ears (microtia), or outer ears that are absent entirely (anotia), may require surgical reconstruction. At NOLA Craniofacial, our doctors perform an advanced reconstructive procedure, constructing an outer ear from the child’s own tissue.

But for more minor “irregularities,” EarWell™ is a safe, non-surgical—and permanent—solution.