At NOLA Craniofacial, our comprehensive approach to corrective procedures and cosmetic surgery in New Orleans and the surrounding area involves a full one-on-one evaluation. Together, we consider goals, expectations, and budget while designing a completely individualized course of care that’s right for you. Write to us to schedule a Comprehensive Esthetic Evaluation with our team:

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Consultation Fee: $150. 

Our surgeons and partner specialists share a patient-first philosophy, and when it comes to considering one’s options in the world of elective surgery, we believe in a frank conversation with our clients about what they’re bothered by, and what they want to address, so we can suggest the most optimal solutions.

A full esthetic evaluation of what you want to improve and what we can do will be followed by establishing shared expectations within your budget and in a personalized plan that meets your goals for your health and the longevity of your procedures.

Corrective Plastic Surgery

A patient may come into our offices with a very specific hope to correct the signs of an injury, illness, or congenital defect: For example, a corrective procedure to reduce fatty deposits in the upper eyelid, or to address macrotia of the ears.

Our highly trained and experienced team aims to make these procedures as low-impact for the patient as possible. Use the form above to schedule a consultation with us about your options, and we’ll collaborate with you to design the most personalized course of care that considers your health and goals while meeting your budget.

Rejuvenation & Beauty Enhancing Procedures

On the other hand, a client may be generally aware that plastic surgery could reduce signs of aging or make one’s face appear brighter and less worn, without a definite sense of the specific procedures they want. We take the time to discuss various options tailored to the client’s needs, and provide a full assessment, and an individualized plan for a treatment or series of treatments for the optimal results.

We offer services in cosmetic surgery in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast. Our specialties include, but are not limited to, Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery), Rhinoplasty (Nose Job), Facelift, Browlift, Necklift, Fillers (Botox, Juvederm)l, Fat Grafting Otoplasty (Ear surgery), Facial Rejuvenation and Skeletal Augmentation. Learn more about the various types of cosmetic surgery here.

To book your evaluation with our team in New Orleans, fill out the form above or call our offices at:
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