The surgeons of New Orleans Craniofacial believe in patient-oriented care — and that means a lot more today than it did just a few years ago.

Thanks to high resolution imaging and emerging medical technologies, we are able to plan and rehearse complicated surgeries before the first incision is made. That allows us to use minimally-invasive techniques and to reduce both the likelihood of complications and recovery times.

Indeed, Virtual Surgical Planning and 3D-printed patient-specific implants have completely changed the way we approach reconstructive surgery.

Our adult craniofacial practice offers state-of-the-art surgical reconstruction following facial trauma and jaw and mid-face fractures. We also work with survivors of cancer, especially cancers of the jaw and those patients suffering from osteoradionecrosis as a result of radiation treatment.

We specialize in the healing of wounds that involve not only broken bones but complex soft tissue injuries such as those suffered in high-velocity automobile crashes and as a result of gunshot and other wounds.

Delayed Reconstructive Surgery for Congenital Conditions

Above and beyond post-traumatic and post-ablative care and reconstruction for patients in New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, we specialize in delayed reconstruction of congenital conditions.

Often, it may be advisable to wait until the child is grown—especially with regard to defects of the mid-face and jaw. Other times, surgical intervention may have been impracticable at birth or surgical intervention may have failed or require revision as a child matures. Indeed, delay (if possible) of reconstructive surgery for congenital conditions is an excellent way to ensure persistent good results both cosmetically and functionally as the patient goes through life.

Among conditions requiring delay, we specialize in corrective jaw surgery for congenital conditions that, over time, have become unmanageable, uncomfortable, or which affect the patient’s appearance in such a way as to affect emotional, psychological, and/or social health.