Learn more about gender confirmation surgery options

While gender-affirming surgery is not considered a necessary part of gender transition therapy, some transgender patients opt to undergo surgical procedures that adapt their face and body — esthetically and functionally — to more closely match their gender identity.

Our group of specialists from diverse backgrounds comes together to offer exceptional experience and expertise in microsurgery and reconstructive surgery for children and adults, as well as cosmetic surgery.

With expert experience in cutting-edge plastic and microsurgical techniques, we offer a suite of care personalized to suit a patient’s goals and needs. A course of care could include facial reconstructive surgery, breast augmentation, phalloplasty or vaginoplasty, and other cosmetic and medical procedures, depending on each individual patient’s needs and goals.

There’s a different path for every patient. Once we learn about your goals and needs, we can collaborate on a course of care to help facilitate your transition via a comprehensive, balanced, and team-based approach. Schedule a private consultation, meet our team, and talk to us one-on-one today about your  goals and options: