Ready to begin your gender transition?

If you arrived here asking how do I change my gender?,  here are a couple recommendations for the steps that might come before working with an experienced surgical practice like New Orleans Craniofacial:

1. Explore your hormonal and surgical options for a gender transition

Get a screening by a comprehensive transgender medicine clinic that adheres to WPATH standards, and with the guidance of a qualified and experienced team, begin your transition.

We believe in the best and most comprehensive care for our patients, so we are dedicated to team care. Our surgeons collaborate with various board-certified endocrinologists at clinics throughout the New Orleans area.

Under the care of board-certified endocrinologists and nurse practitioners, patients can undergo a psychological evaluation to WPATH standards and accompanying hormonal therapy in a comprehensive, state-of-the-art medical setting alongside other patients at various stages in their transitions for fellowship and mentorship.

2. Choose your own next steps in your physical transition

After some time undergoing hormone therapy, a patient may decide to take additional steps in transitioning from one gender to another. These steps may involve altering one’s facial appearance, body shape, chest, or sex organs by way of sophisticated surgical procedures.

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